Why Live In A Camper?


Eric and I have officially been living in our camper for over a year now in Golden, Colorado. This entire time, we have been coexisting with our two fur babies, Bailey and Mischief. We’ve lived some of our time in Phoenix, AZ as well as here in Golden, CO. This lifestyle mainly started because we were interested in minimalist living. At first, we looked at school bus homes, tiny homes, camper vans and campers. After much time weighing out our options, we decided that a used camper was our best option. Your best option may be different for sure, but here’s a few big reasons why we believed that camper living was right for us:

  • More affordable at the time (no loans since we purchased it out right from a Craigslist add)
  • We would still be able to move it around with our truck when we wanted to
  • Wanted enough room for our animals to be comfortable (if we didn’t have animals, we would have done a much smaller camper or even a camper van



I wake up every morning to an amazing man who is snuggled up against me. The morning light shines in through our blinds and the birds are singing their lovely, early songs. In a camper, you can hear more of what’s going on around you. Some would say that it’s annoying if you live where there’s a lot of traffic. But us, we love everything. Our neighbors have chickens and a rooster who tells everyone it’s morning. The backyard we are parked in is home to dozens of beautiful birds including doves, blue birds, mocking jays, ravens, chickadees and more. The first thing I typically hear in the morning are those talkative creatures and that’s totally fine with me.

I sit up, stretch and receive a loving kiss from my fiance and snuggles from our cat, Mischief. Our dog, Bailey waits patiently to go out every morning with her dad. I reach over and begin to pick out an outfit for the day. I’m using storage containers to hold my undergarments which is easy and organized. My shirts and dresses are hung neatly in the closet space our camper offers. As I open the closet door, I am reminded every day that my wardrobe is small but special. The majority of what is in there is what’s left from donating six full garbage bags before we moved in. These pieces are special and I’m happy they have followed me to the camper life.

Since it’s now summer time, I adjust the air conditioning so it keeps Mischief nice and cozy while we work. We work very close to where we are currently parked so we are able to go visit Mischief and give him cuddles throughout the day.

I walk over to our pantry space which is above our dining room to find my favorite green tea or coffee. Our little fridge holds everything we need and nothing we don’t. It’s absolutely perfect and saves us money and actually allows us to use everything in it. I go for the creamer or the water jugs we keep in there and get my morning drink fixed up perfectly. All the while, there is no television on to distract me in my morning routine. There are just birds and occasionally, Eric calling out “baby girl” or “Bailey.” I sit on our comfy couch and draw a card from my favorite oracle deck and sit with it. I become present and satisfied with my day already and just know that the rest of it will be just as amazing.

downloadAfter we spend our days working, we come home. We come home to Mischief meowing happily and greeting Bailey (who gets to go to work with us). We come home to a small space that smells amazing because of the oil diffuser we have running (it’s amazing how little needs to be used to fill this space). We come home to a cozy little home that welcomes us with its simplicity and realness. Eric’s computer sits in the corner for when we want to watch a movie while eating dinner. We sometimes eat at the booth in the dining room but most times, we eat together on our couch using pillows for tv trays. I become increasingly excited about our renovation to come for we will be removing the booth and installing a beautiful desk space. As our bellies are full and we get ready to get up to put our dishes away, I glance over at Eric. In this moment, I feel so much love and happiness. This is the lifestyle I choose. This is what I want to wake up to every morning and fall asleep with every night. I realize that I have everything I need in this small space. I have clothing, food, water, shelter and love. What more do I need?

As we sit on the couch after dinner, we are either finishing the movie or reading our books. Sometimes, one of us will stay up on the couch while the other goes to bed. When we do this, we are separate but still together. We can still be in our own worlds in a space such as this, and let me tell you, it’s bliss.

When I finally climb into bed, Mischief will usually join me. He loves to sleep on top of us or snuggle so close that he puts a paw on our cheeks. Living in a camper has brought all of us closer together in the most beautiful of ways. I have learned to appreciate the simple things in life and to be present in as many moments as I can. You see, cutting out constant distractions for most of the time allows me to think. It allows me to be with myself and with those I care about.

I close my eyes as I’m cozying up against the love of my life and smile to myself. My reality is wonderful and I thank the Universe for everything I have.

I am grateful.


Living in a camper is one of our best decisions yet. It allows us freedom because we could pick up and go anywhere. It allows for a simple lifestyle full of love, happiness and togetherness. It’s a small space to clean, and a perfect space to live.♥

Our camper is a 28ft 2002 Dutchmen. And we are planning on renovating it this summer to make it more “homey” instead of so “campery.” I’ve been drawing a lot of inspiration from Mountain Modern Life and what they’ve done to their camper home. Hopefully we will be starting very soon since I want to have it done by winter time! I’ll be blogging about it every step of the way so stick around!







































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