Embrace Your Flaws, They Make You Different

LoveYourself2.jpgAt the end of the day, it’s ourselves that we have to face. It’s ourselves that we look into the mirror and see and it’s ourselves we turn to when we need solace. Something I’ve learned over the years is that you need to be happy about who you are and truly embrace what makes you different. I struggled for a while with this because I do have unique qualities that were once targeted for bullying. I didn’t put up with bullying too much and instead told them to “shove it” but it still affected me. My pointy nose, my big forehead, my gums, my skin. I despised what I looked like and that never was a good feeling. So finally, I decided to turn it around.

I have always wanted to be an actress/model however, my height was not an “ideal” height for the modeling industry. In fact, I went to a casting call for a voice over project and unfortunately, didn’t realize that the company that it was being advertised by was not in my best interest. While I was there being my bubbly, excited self, the lady in charge told me I needed to pay $3,000 to take classes and when I told her “no,” she then preceded to tell me that the only thing good about me was my nose and cheekbones. I left that day crying because I thought I had a real chance and was so excited. I had already taken classes and was caught up pretty well in the industry. When I realized that this woman would destroy my self esteem to force me to give her money, that changed my perspective. After reading several articles about making it in the industry, I came to a common factor: many people who are in the industry are in fact different. I’ve recognized many different actors/models primarily because of that beauty mark, nose, smile or facial structure. I then realized that loving myself was the best thing I could do.

Luckily, I was able to do this and it made my life easier. I was now comfortable with who I was and what I could offer to the industry. My nose, forehead, skin or gums had nothing to do with my talent and passion. Over the years, I’ve dipped in and out of the acting/modeling world because life happened. I moved to Colorado, met the love of my life and began focusing on working to afford living. It’s a shame how our passions most of the time get thrown to the side because of this thing called “work.”

I think about what people would really do if money was’t a factor. The waitress that busts her ass every day who has the voice of an angel won’t live her dreams. The man that works in a grocery store because he doesn’t believe in himself and his phenomenal music talent. Or, someone who could be the best doctor in the world fears cost of college over their dream. Don’t you think something is wrong with that?

I say, love yourself. Love yourself enough to know you have what it takes to live your dreams. Love yourself enough to make time for the things you are passionate about. And love yourself enough to rise up against the societal sea that wants you to drown. You can do this, you’re made to be so much more.




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