The Ocean Heals.


The Ocean Heals.

The ocean and I have a complicated and wonderful past. You see, She’s always been there to calm the chaos within my soul and to soothe the dark waters of my mind. Her current runs through my aching heart with such force that I fall to Her sand. I feel as though my body collapses to the mercy of Her strength and will.

I’ve adored Her and have fallen in love with the mountains as well. Both of them are strong, beautiful and unpredictable.


My tears become infused with Her salty wind. My hair blows around my face to remind me that I’m not alone and that I’m never alone. She is breathtaking to look at and she can distract even the most painful memories with her wonder.


I’ve grown up around this element my entire life but once I discovered the mighty Ocean, I was enthralled. There’s just something about walking on Her beach at night, with one side of me facing Her darkness and the other facing human night life. When I find myself here, I revel in the dim light from the city.


When I find myself here, I feel peace at the deepest levels.


She does this amazing thing where she cleanses your energy field with the wind and fills you with her loving strength. She will show you clarity, serenity and balance. She will silence your demons and bring out your Light.


I’ve been lucky enough to hold space with Her when the shards of my broken heart have torn up my insides. I’ve had her there when everything within the deepest chambers of my Being felt as if they were on fire. I’ve screamed my pain into Her sky and paced Her beach contemplating my life.


Every time I see her, it’s a reunion. It’s a blissful embrace of Love and understanding. She understands my fascination to her sister mountains. For She has done Her fair share of healing to me as well. The ocean knows that a part of me will always love Her, as it does the mountains and the Lover that won’t leave my mind.


The world spins, my heart beats, Her waves crash. Life keeps on moving and so do we. I have showed my Love for Her tremendously on this day for She held me tight when I was weak with a broken heart. She has done so much for me and today, I told Her how much I appreciated Her and Her greatness. I told Her that I will always come back to Her throughout life. Even if I settle with my Lover in the mountains, I will always be back to share Her incredible space.


I love Her for the strength She infuses into me, the hope She whispers to me and for the peace She brings me.


She will be essential to the growth I need now.


For when I feel alone, She will always be a friend and show me that I’m stronger than I think. She will cleanse and purify my soul and help me connect to my True Self. She will silence my ego and bring forth my bright, beautiful Light that is desperate to shine.


She will help me to connect to myself in the deepest of ways and to show me Love again. She will allow me to grow with as much force and strength as needed for She holds an unlimited amount.

♥ I cannot thank Her enough ♥


The Ocean Heals in the deepest of ways…listen to Her when She whispers faith into your ear.


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My name is Rhiannon Skye and I am a published poet + photographer. I designed this blog because I wanted to have a space where I could be my authentic self and explore my talents and passions further. So, take a look around and welcome to my world.

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