It’s Okay To Forgive.


It’s Okay To Forgive.

Forgiveness is a fickle thing. All of us have been in situations where grudges and anger seem to consume us and let’s face it, it’s an incredibly uncomfortable feeling. I know I have had my fair share of lessons yet I allowed myself to fall into the darkness with many of them. I may have seen the lessons for what they were and understood them, but I failed the biggest part: forgiveness.


The growth that you will encounter after truly forgiving yourself as well as outside influences is absolutely beautiful. I have been feeling so happy and full of love and this is because I finally understand how it works.

It’s okay to fall down, but don’t forget to forgive who or what did it to you.


You deserve more than the left over pain. You deserve to find a beautiful peace and move onto the next experience. You have the power of choice here, so use it. Choose to feel good and choose to forgive. You will realize that the bliss in this loving space makes everything worth it.


You’re allowed to feel hurt, pain, sadness. But don’t allow yourself to hold this discomfort in your heart. Let it go, because everything happens for a divine reason. And maybe you really liked that job or maybe you loved him or maybe you thought friendship was stronger. But remember that everything gets better.

Everything works out for your best interest in the end. It may be hard to see at first, but once you catch a glimpse of the beauty on the other side, you begin running towards it with open arms. You then find it easier to let go of what hurts. The bliss is too enjoyable to ever be feeling anything but.


I’ve recently found the tender parts of myself that never recovered from certain experiences. And, I’m so happy to say that these parts are now nurtured and functioning again. My chest feels lighter, my smile looks brighter and my passion is stronger. I have uncovered many things about myself including the undeniable fact that I love to be happy. I love to smile and to laugh and to genuinely look forward to every single day of my life.

And living in the past is like a giant anchor; I wouldn’t go anywhere. I would be stuck out on chaotic seas and never seeing the sun.



So instead of being stuck, I’m deciding to move. And no matter what kind of situation you’re in right now, know that you will move too. Things come and go but your inner peace should always remain the predominant force. Nothing is worth tossing and turning all night thinking about, as everything does happen for a reason. It may be hard for you to hear, but it’s the truth and you must accept it.

Close your eyes, take a deep breath and bring about a wonderful sense of calmness. You are a powerful, multidimensional being of Light and you can say “no.” You can walk away and let things go. Choose what makes you feel good in every moment instead of dwelling on experiences and people. Forgive yourself for all of the words you said and forgive all others because it’s all now in your past. You are moving forward in this life, not backwards.


Your happiness should be your number one priority. Do not give into the ego’s voice that commands you to still be angry about your past experiences. Do not put the blame on others and do not judge them. You play a big part into what manifests into your life, so manifest right! Once you consistently choose forgiveness and peace over fear and anger, the quality of your life will improve dramatically and will bring about less and less experiences that would even require forgiveness. Learn the lesson, forgive the lesson.


Take a walk in nature, put calming music on and lay down for a while by yourself, go laugh with your friends or work on a project that feeds your soul. Being in a higher space will allow for a beautiful type of growth that you never thought possible. The little things will no longer bother you and you’ll glide about your day with a sense of optimism and excitement. You will practice gratitude daily, feel love about yourself and your life and manifest wonderful things!

You need to know that it’s okay to fall. But it’s also okay to forgive. And forgiving will bring you much more peace in the long run.

tumblr_inline_mkju649U6W1qz4rgp.pngWhat you should promote:
  • Forgive yourself and others. Do not play the victim, recognize YOU have control over what you feel and how you react.
  • Choose Love over fear in every moment. Choose to feel good instead of falling into negativity.
  • Love yourself genuinely. This is so important to your growth.

• xoxo •

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My name is Rhiannon Skye and I am a published poet + photographer. I designed this blog because I wanted to have a space where I could be my authentic self and explore my talents and passions further. So, take a look around and welcome to my world.

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