What Do You See?


What Do You See?

What do you see when your eyes find mine?

Do you see a soul you’ve known since the beginning of time?

Do you feel at home in my presence?

Do I suddenly bring about a new sense of balance?

What do you see when I smile at you?

Do you see a being who will love you truer than true?

A woman who would cross the ocean just to hear you speak?

One who wouldn’t hesitate to climb the highest peak…

just to see your face?


What do you see when you look at us?

Do you see a love you’d never want to give up?

Or lovers who will conquer the world together?

Souls who will burn for each other forever?

Do you see best friends ready to wander their paths side by side?

Who will put their past aside and take this new chapter in strides?

What do you see?

Tell me.


• xoxo •

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My name is Rhiannon Skye and I am a published poet + photographer. I designed this blog because I wanted to have a space where I could be my authentic self and explore my talents and passions further. So, take a look around and welcome to my world.

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