Write A New Chapter.


Write A New Chapter.

I’ve always loved writing fictional stories, poems and other creative pieces. I recently have gone through a monumental shift in my life and I’m excited to say that I am picking up these wonderful passions again. I became so lost and wrapped up in the 3D reality and let me tell you, it was not pleasant. By giving in to my ego and allowing it to control me, I lost one of the most important people in my life. The amazing man who asked me to marry him walked away from me after countless attempts to help me find my inner light.

He put so much work into the relationship while I was wandering off, not realizing how far I was leaving him behind. I will always love him endlessly for everything that he did for me and all of the effort he put into our relationship. A huge lesson with this break up I learned was that I needed to love myself genuinely again and actually take part in the things that excited my soul. I also needed to forgive. So, I forgave myself for all of the things that I said or did. Moving forward is my only option now and I’ve accepted that having this time to myself was going to be the best for me for a little while.


I’ve closed the book and wrote “PAST” in big letters and I put it under my bed. I don’t want to go back and read it. I am now beginning a new book and this first chapter is going to be phenomenal. It’s going to be full of everything that I have learned from this experience and this is information that I will take with me to the future chapters.

How liberating the feeling was to slide that book into the darkness, tucked away out of sight. The fact here is that you cannot move forward when you keep looking back. So I’m bringing only the positive, loving things with me and that includes the lessons learned, the people and experiences. I am leaving behind everything that hurt me, haunted me and brought me down. I am leaving behind the anger, sadness, jealousy, negative mindset and the egoic thoughs/actions.


In this exciting new book, I will be living from my heart only. I will choose Love over fear in every moment and I will choose to feel connected. My words/actions will be guided by what will serve me at my highest good and I will always be in line with Truth and Love.

There will be days that I miss certain people, but instead of being paired with sadness, this feeling will be paired with Love. Each time I miss someone, I will send them Love because it’s what they deserve. They made a lasting impact on me and I will forever be grateful for that. And I look forward to seeing some of these people walk back into my life; into this new book.

I am ready to begin anew.

Chapter One…



• xoxo •

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