A Big Reason Why Self Love Is So Important.


The Importance Of Self Love.

There is a famous quote out there that goes like, “you must learn to love yourself before you can love others” and it is a very valid statement. I’m going to be very honest here, I was always the one to go basically from relationship to relationship. I only wanted serious relationships and I could blame that on my whole Libra/Scorpio Cusp thing but I just like being with someone. Plain and simple. I always have enjoyed having someone to laugh with and be best friends with but also to kiss and cuddle. I mean, is that bad?

Well, for me it was. I had gotten to the point where I just wanted to be with someone because I was lonely and didn’t Love me and this is a very common mistake that people find themselves making. I didn’t realize it at the time but after being by myself and doing a lot of growing, I pieced it together. Damn, Rhiannon, you were that person.

This realization hit me like a ton of bricks let me tell you…but I needed it to happen. I never really experienced what it was like to be by myself in this big world and explore my own dreams and passions individually. It’s definitely a great thing if you can co create in a relationship but I had trouble with that because I was always so worried about what my partner was doing. Psh, I look back on myself and giggle. So dependent.


But now, as I walk on this dock by the water I smile to myself. I’m proud of myself for making this connection and fully digesting the lesson here. I am embracing being alone right now so I can find myself more on a deeper level and so far it has been such a magical and liberating experience. I have Self Love that radiates daily and more clarity on what truly makes me happy.

So if you’re someone who goes from relationship to relationship…is it just because you’re lonely or not comfortable with being alone? You’d be surprised how many of us are going through this especially in our world today where we are needing constant reassurance of our importance. And finding this in a lover is the most popular way now. Not saying all of us are like this but there is some truth to it.

It’s crucial to choose Love over loneliness or fear of being alone. And honestly, having this break from relationships has been amazing because I’ve learned so much about myself that I wouldn’t have learned otherwise. I believe everyone needs their own space and time to sort out what’s really important in their life. I’m eternally grateful for this time and am running through it with a smile on my face.

Now, when I find myself in Love with someone…I know it will be because I’m actually choosing them out of Love, not just because I’m lonely.

This is key.



• xoxo •

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