we are women.


we are women.

we are women. we are beautiful and mysterious.

our exotic nature draws others in, we make them curious.

we are a flurry of innocence barreling through a field of wildflowers.

we can build each other up or break each other down…we have this power.

we carry the weight of a thousand moons upon our shoulders.

we possess a love so strong that it can move boulders.


this love is misunderstood by our male counterparts.

they think more with their minds and less with their hearts.

this can sometimes confuse and scare them away.

how can a human be so full of love? how can we possibly feel this way?

maybe it’s because we run with soft feet on a hard world.

and that despite the storms, we twirl.


we don’t fear dancing when the earth is dark.

we know that within us, is a divine spark

that we can activate just by spinning

with our arms up, free, always grinning.

our bodies move to the melody of life.

lost in dizzying bliss, absent of any and all strife.


 we are women. we are brave and resilient.

it’s safe to say we are nothing short of brilliant.

we are delicate. we are hard as stone.

we grow flowers from our hearts and carry diamonds in our bones.

we know how to bloom after a deep frost.

we know how to find ourselves when we become lost.

we stick together in a sisterhood that prevails all discrimination.

we are women.


• xoxo •

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My name is Rhiannon Skye and I am a published poet + photographer. I designed this blog because I wanted to have a space where I could be my authentic self and explore my talents and passions further. So, take a look around and welcome to my world.

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