leave your worries behind.


leave your worries behind.

the sun is out, the windows are down and your hair keeps blowing all around your face. you’re tempted to put it up but you feel wild and free. your laugh echoes through your car as your friends make jokes. and although your eyes never leave the road, you just know what each of their facial expression is because you know them so well.

your girl next to you leans forward and turns up the music and you all sing. and right before the drop, when the music begins to ramp up and the goosebumps work their way up your arms, you feel alive.

right when the melodies are clashing together, you are suddenly aware of the laughs, the wind and the music. your heart fills with a happiness you cannot even begin to describe.

this is what it’s like to be with people who understand you. who get you. who would help you through anything if you asked. these are the moments to live for.

you are washed over with a rain of bliss and any worries that you had earlier are now flowing off of you. once you open your door and see the beach, you can’t help but smile.

your friends are twirling with excitement, caught up in the high of happiness. you go to follow them and you realize you left your shoes in the car.

and then you grin to yourself and decide to leave them behind just as you did your worries.


• xoxo •

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My name is Rhiannon Skye and I am a published poet + photographer. I designed this blog because I wanted to have a space where I could be my authentic self and explore my talents and passions further. So, take a look around and welcome to my world.

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