there’s a wondrous kind of peace that surrounds me

when i’m delved deep into an art, i feel so free

or when my eyes are exploring the waves of the ocean

my soul ignites and sets my body in motion

just being in nature inspires me to create from my heart

it brings life to these cold bones under my skin, breaking me apart

so that i can build myself into whatever it is i am doing

writing, pictures, videos or just unfolding

and bringing down these walls for myself or my lover

so many beautiful parts of me left to uncover


this is only for the brave and the courageous

the mystery behind these eyes are nothing short of outrageous

i feel my strongest when i’m immersed in a passion

less job, more work as i walk in the exact direction

i should have gone long ago,  i was just unsure

what i wanted to become, now the river is so pure

flowing through my veins, showing me what i was always meant for

a part of me has always known this, but feared it, for i am a creator


one who bends reality to make it my own

there are many with this gift, but little do they know

that it’s terrifying and thrilling all at one time

knowing that you have a destiny, but ego clinging to the dime

take the jump, risk the fall?

just so i can see if it was worth it all?


this is my life, i’m talking about here

forever and a day, i want this to be clear

i want to spend my time doing what i love

life is not meant to be a slave, a number, or having every day be so fucking rough

so why do we do it? the mindless existence

we can make a change, it’s all about persistence

i’m screaming at you now, i swear i’m not being an agitator

i’m encouraging you to realize that you’re not just some person,

you’re a creator.



all of my poems are reflecting how i feel about myself and the world on the inside. this poem shouts from my heart things i have recently realized. i spent years trying to figure out exactly what i wanted to do and who i wanted to become. the pressure always centered around money and if i’d ever make enough to survive. i know damn well that many of you feel this way. you long for something but you are fearful of what others may think or if you won’t have much money. i understand this completely. so many of us give up a dream or a passion simply because of fear. this hurts my heart to such an extent because i’ve seen the most talented people drown themselves in a job just to make a decent living and only sing their beautiful songs late at night where no one can hear them.

so please, if you have something that burns within you, pursue it. even if it’s part time or in your only time, this is crucial. don’t let yourself die without doing what you love as much has you can. this life is meant to be lived, not merely survived.

we are the writers, this is our story.

with love.


• xoxo •


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My name is Rhiannon Skye and I am a published poet + photographer. I designed this blog because I wanted to have a space where I could be my authentic self and explore my talents and passions further. So, take a look around and welcome to my world.

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