As Above, So Below

Last night, I bathed in water and candle light

I tried to relax, I tried to fight

But the sadness crept in

The chaos swept in

My insides felt like they were spinning and I just wanted it to go away

No matter what I tried, this feeling did not once sway

The tears ran down my face, ruining my makeup

There is only so much space that my body could take up

But I felt as if I was darkness expanding

With every breath I was drawn further from clear understanding

Why was this happening? Why do I feel like this?

They say that your inside world reflects your outside world

I understand that’s definitely true, but right now my insides swirled

Finally disturbed from the violence, hate, corruption, blindness and despair on the surface

I took a deep breath and stared at my candle, wishing desperately that it could be doing its purpose

I want to feel calm, like there isn’t a tornado of emotion tearing through my chest

I’m trying really hard, I’m trying my very best

Isolation felt so strong now, like if I reached out, I’d find no one

Someone, please, anyone

But they are all dealing with their own demons.

Mine are finally dragging me under

I sink below the water and feeling the stillness, I wonder

As above, so below

Will I indeed fight this again tomorrow?

The quiet below the water now made me wish I could stay there

I know I couldn’t, but what was waiting for me above was too hard to bear

As above, so below

Bring the calm up with you now

Maybe I can turn it around, maybe I could at least try

As my lungs were running out of air, I broke through and again cried

Everything is different, it’s all out of order

My above and below are in complete disorder

But if I work diligently on my inside again, maybe the outside will feel it too

I spent the next hours in my mind, I really thought it through

I will dedicate to fixing what’s broken on the inside, we all should

So that way, we can mend the shattered pieces of a world misunderstood

As above, so below.


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My name is Rhiannon Skye and I am a published poet + photographer. I designed this blog because I wanted to have a space where I could be my authentic self and explore my talents and passions further. So, take a look around and welcome to my world.

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