Hey, Hey!

Bonjour my friends! I’m Rhiannon and I am a published poet as well as an intimate wedding + elopement photographer living in the sunny state of Florida.

I just sat down one day and created this blog and I cannot tell you how grateful I am that I did that. It has opened me up to so many things and helped nurture the ideas that are constantly sprouting from my head. I’m so stoked to be able to share my creative passion with the world. I truly believe that my love for poetry is going to make for such an enthralling and unique career for me. I want to take the leap into photography and videography but with my personal twist. My style isn’t the overly saturated, awkwardly posed photographs, but the raw reality of what it is to be human.

On A Deeper Level…

I fed my hunger for creativity whenever I could with writing, photography or acting. And although I craved acceptance from my peers, I craved to be myself even more. It wasn’t until more recently that I completely let down my walls, let go of judgment and blossomed into who I am now. I am so grateful for what I have learned and experienced so far in this life. I dropped the desperation for love in another and focused on myself.
I ripped myself open and spilled my light all over the floor. In that very moment, I realized how magnificent it all was. I fell in love with myself and cherished the heart that rested under this rib cage. I found myself happier more and more, every day while being mindful of everything I said, did and thought. I took moments to appreciate the little things. I was now here in the present moment instead of just mindlessly existing in this body. I saw and felt everything.
I am finding myself creating this beautiful, amazing life before me and I am so excited and grateful to be receiving all of this abundance and love. I often think to myself, “how did you get so lucky?” I know it’s because I found a home within the deepest parts of my being where I felt comfortable and safe. I felt that I could spring out and express myself in my truest nature. From the insecure girl I was in middle/high school to the confident, kind woman who adores herself in the best of ways. It is beautiful. It is humbling. This is a love that trumps any love I have experienced. Self love is one that radiates from your heart and shows others how to love you.

I believe that we can change this world. I look at how much I have changed on an individual level and how my life has improved. There’s a key to changing the world here, it all begins within us. Our outside world is a reflection of the world within ourselves. If we are full of fear and anger, then it will be manifested and portrayed in our outside reality. I have experienced this first hand and know for a fact that changing our perspectives and practicing mindfulness will indeed affect our lives on a physical level.
I believe in the good in people. I’ve chosen to see the light in others instead of darkness. Light is so much prettier…is it not?
Life is meant to be lived and we are meant to experience wonderful memories and happiness while we’re here.
Wake up every morning and think of three things you are grateful for and smile to yourself. Say out loud that this is going to be a great day.
And so it will be.
And watch the flowers bloom.

With love always,
Rhiannon Skye