november bloom.


november bloom.

how is it that we spend so much time

dazed and confused, it’s quite a crime

we are meant to live through kindness and affection

taking each step with loving intention

why is it that we often find ourselves stumbling through life

tripping through the darkness desperate for light

i believe that we can change this

by knowing that we can no longer blame this

on others entirely, for we can find our way just fine

clear our heads, breathe in clarity and stop time

our strength is deathless

our capacity for love is endless


lately, i’ve been searching through myself

ripping pieces apart, refusing any help

my body and my mind were a maelstrom

my eyes searched for where i was displaced from

soon, the waters ceased the attack

i was tired but noticed a small and vibrant lilac

sprouting from my hand, holding so much promise

its petals were beautiful; they were flawless

i realized then, that this flower bloomed without the sun

that it captured the light within me, and the growth begun


  the waves fell away, and i was left to stand

this was new, it was unplanned

it was november…how could this delicate flower

bloom into something so graceful with so much power?

a flower does not need the sun to reach for the sky

nor the warmth of july

but what it does need is love

that, is more than enough.


• xoxo •










throughout our lives, we are told to be someone

and oftentimes we sit, watching this rerun

again and again, this human living this life

but nothing feels as perfect as it seems, it doesn’t feel right

we may post nothing but smiles and laughs

but really, our lives are running off the tracks

barreling towards the unknown, a world so ominous to us

learning how to live, how to speak, how to protest and properly fuck

because if you, for one moment, let the perfection fall

you may feel anxious about your realism since you always pretend to be a doll

your makeup, your hair, your body and clothes

how can you become a model with a perfect nose?


the pressure beats down on our souls when they just want to be free

free to express themselves without a doubt or a worry

we want to create that art, sing that song or dance under the moon

tiptoeing on shards of stars with your lover on a night in june

at the end of every day, we have to remember who we are

over the years, the masks we’ve worn are almost as permanent as scars

i truly am happy to see more and more people living from their hearts

i’ve been inspired to live from mine, and see what sets me apart

i am not this makeup, this hair, this body or these clothes

my worth is not defined by whether they think i have a perfect nose


many people love halloween because they get to put the scary masks on

but some of us love halloween because we get to take the scary masks off


• xoxo •




don’t disappear.


don’t disappear.

when your thoughts become dizzying, don’t sink away from the surface

do not drown in your darkness, break away my dear you have a purpose

i know the floor next to your bed and nightstand has become comfortable to you now

sitting here for a while, contemplating life and shivering at the thoughts you allow

but you have to remember the moments that bring pure joy into your heart

the ones that shoot love into your bloodstream like a poison dart

like when you’re alone with your mind on a beautiful day, warm with a cool breeze

when it’s behaving itself, highlighting the fact that there is solace for you among the trees

or when your pet stares into your eyes and you see the depths of their soul

you see so much love there, you’re all they want and all they know

don’t disappear


or when your best friend laughs, and you feel connected with them

you may not be as close as you once were, but you’ve been known each other since you were ten

and think about the time when you listened to that beautiful song

goosebumps formed on your skin; you could listen to it all night long

or when your lover holds you and you inhale their smell

and you think to yourself right then that you’re so happy that you tripped and fell

so easily right into their life

and how their face looks in the morning light

don’t disappear


i know that things may have been tough lately, but don’t leave

there is so much that you haven’t experienced yet, there’s a world to see

so, instead of feeling lost and confused, take a deep breath and let it go

exhale the thick energy out through your mouth and your nose

glance out the window and look at the sky

take these tired wings, soaked from sinking and let them dry

no matter how exhausted you feel sometimes, remember that it can always get better

take a walk with nature, light a candle and write yourself a love letter

list all of the things you are grateful for

and don’t say there is nothing, there is so much more

like the sun, good food, beautiful music, grass, rain

so many things that can erase any pain

don’t disappear.


• xoxo •