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Oct 1             you are her.

aug 9            here.

aug 6            dance with me.

jul 27            open.

Jul 3              take the cure.

Jul 2              breathe.

Jun 25          you still shine.

May 20         the other side of bliss.

May 16        we run wild and free.

May 3           where happiness lies.

May 2           leave your worries behind.

Apr 28          how essential oils changed my life

Apr 26         inspiration at crystal river archaeological state park.

Apr 23         inner peace.

Apr 22         The Benefits of Citrus Fresh Blend!

Apr 11         tampa vibes at the attic cafe

Apr  08        oh, you’ve grown

Apr  01       happy easter, friends!

Mar 31       The Cleanest of Mouths with Thieves!

Mar 30       earth mother.

Mar 08       we are women.

Jan 21         where would we be?

Jan 08         walk away

Dec 27        see the beauty

Dec 20        what can we do

Dec 6          when we know it is time

Dec 5          the truth about detachment

Dec 1          yes

Nov 28       walk with me

Nov 27       believer

Nov 24      thanksgiving after standing rock

Nov 22       i feel you

Nov 17      5 Days In Colorado

Oct 30      A Big Reason Why Self Love Is So Important

Oct 27      Practicing Mindfulness And Practicing FLOW

Oct 27      I Choose To Fall

Oct 22      Restless Soul

Oct 15      Rush Over Me

Oct 12      My Experience With Fasting

Oct 9         A Day At Hunter Springs!

Oct 5         Write A New Chapter

Oct 2         Nothing Can Destroy You

Oct 1         Say “Yes”

Sept 30     The Art Of Living

Sept 29     Find Me

Sept 28     What Do You See?

Sept 27     Finding Yourself Takes Courage

Sept 22     The Fall Equinox – What This Means For You

Sept 20     Sand Cloud – Coming Together To Help Marine Life

Sept 20     Powerful Meditation – 3 Key Steps To A Happier Life

Sept 18     It’s Okay To Forgive

Sept 14     Pick Yourself Up

Sept 10     Hurricane Irma Update

Sept 8      The Cure

Sept 6      Scattered Thoughts

Sept 5      The Fire

Sept 1      A Clean, Chemical Free Home

Aug 28     I Feel The Sun

Aug 24     Jump

Aug 23     Forgive Yourself

Aug 19     The Ocean Heals

Aug 18     Medicine

Aug  17     Growth

Aug 1       August In Bloom

Jul 19       She Is Wild

Jul 19       The Shadow Self

Jul 11       Detox Bath – YL

Jul 2          Lavender Oatmeal Bath Soak – YL

Jun 28      Embrace Your Flaws, They Make You Different

Jun 21      Why Live In A Camper?