from the outside.


from the outside.

we often find ourselves in the center of the chaos

surrounded by big corporations, emotionless leaders, deadlines and paperwork, praying that it will someday pay off

i often find myself on the outside looking in

seeing my entrepreneur and artist friends and praying that someday they’ll win

to me, this life is not meant to be sitting at a desk for 8 hours

it should be spent with loved ones, laughing, falling in love, dancing in a field of sunflowers

the world in which we currently reside is not one i like to call my home

i catch myself staring at the sky, praying that someday i’ll make my own

where we don’t hurt each other because of a thought, an appearance or the soil we grew up on

instead, see the beauty in the world each day as innocently and wondrous as a new, small fawn


the way we exist in this corporate, money-hungry world has to change soon

or i and a million others will fly straight to the farthest moon

and start a whole new life

and this time, do it right

we should be happy and feel love every single day

not struggling to survive or working our lives away

it’s time to step outside and look in

if enough of us do this and stare right at them, i promise you, we’ll win.



• xoxo •

this heart.


this heart.

weekend mornings remind me just how precious love can be

buried beneath the blankets with a sleeping lover, the world frozen, it seems

in this moment, staring at the freckles on their back, their messy bed hair

you wonder, how the hell did you get so lucky? was this even fair?

what have you done to find someone so unbelievably kind?

in the moments where you’re laughing together, this thought occasionally crosses your mind

the universe knew you spent months patching yourself together, learning and growing from your past

and once you repaired the broken pieces and found love within yourself, everything happened so fast

one day, you were just existing here on this floating rock in space

then you happened to see the smile on their face


getting to know them was fun and exciting

their laugh was contagious and their eyes were inviting

you stayed up late together, watching the stars and talking about life

you lay there next to them now, remembering the sunny adventures and first intimate nights

when you fell for them, god was it something

a feeling that hit you so hard, for a moment you were numb and could barely say anything


you glance out your bedroom window and see the sun spill over the trees and onto their fingers

immense gratitude fills every inch of you, and the feeling lingers

you thank the universe for allowing their soul to find yours

their presence has allowed you to break walls down and open doors

you’ve learned so much with this person by your side

and you’re so happy that their light to stop by

you inhale deeply and snuggle up to their warm back

after being loved like this, you’ll never go back

this heart knows true understanding and love

and you’ll always be there, even when life becomes rough

they’ll have this heart.



• xoxo •

inspiration found me.

on an unexpected day off, i sat alone in my living room contemplating my next 10 hours. i eventually decided to make this little video with a song i heard just that morning!

inspiration comes in waves, i completely get that. but sometimes you have to get the fire going. and sometimes, you just have to listen to new music and get your mind right.

inspiration will always find you.