“Some people are artist, some people are art. But my God, she is both.”

– Dakota Wint

Car Camping | Pike National Forest, CO

Pike National Forest is one of my FAVORITE places I’ve ever been. There’s this special energy in the woods and the river. If I could just plop a tiny house on some of this land, I really would! It was also amazing showing Tyler somewhere that meant so much to me. He’s truly my favorite […]

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Breaking Up With Facebook

I’ve always seen myself as a mentally strong person but in recent times, I’ve been struggling to keep positive. I know a lot of us are feeling this way right now because we are surrounded by people screaming their beliefs and opinions at each other as well as facing the uncertainty of our futures. I […]

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As Above, So Below

Last night, I bathed in water and candle light I tried to relax, I tried to fight But the sadness crept in The chaos swept in My insides felt like they were spinning and I just wanted it to go away No matter what I tried, this feeling did not once sway The tears ran […]

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Car Camping | Bryson City, NC

Although our entire time spent in North Carolina was rainy, it was still SO worth it! We explored the small town of Bryson City and then found ourselves on a really nice hike at the Deep Creek Trail Trailhead. Breathing in the mountain air was exactly what I needed (even if it was a little […]

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In times where we try to run from the truth Our minds break down and internal chaos ensues There is so much fear and we’re distracted from what we are capable of We forget often that together we are powerful if we rise up There are plenty of issues in this world that need solving […]

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Camping in Lake Santeetlah, NC

I’ve always wanted to go car camping on a road trip. There was just something so appealing about not having to put up and take down a tent everywhere you went. I really liked the simplicity of car camping. Fun fact: I actually used to want to live and travel in a van/car for a […]

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