moments. they are but fleeting instances that can make the most monumental impact on our lives. allow me to capture these beautiful moments and hold them safely within the lens of my camera, so you can hold them safely in your heart forever.

 poet + photographer

• kickin’ it here in gainesville, florida. but wanna go everywhere! •



bonjour! i’m rhiannon.

i’m a poetry blogger + photographer living in gainesville, florida. i mainly am about couples + portraits. i also love working with bloggers and other content creators! my style is less of the awkward posed, high saturated stuff and more of the natural, moody stuff. as a poet, i find that my work typically reflects a lot of emotion. my specialty is capturing real moments between real people and bringing all the feels in with it! my main goal is to provide you with authentic photos/videos that you will cherish and look back on forever. special moments are everything to me and snapping them is my very favorite thing to do! i like to be able to FEEL the love, admiration and giddiness when editing later.

i truly believe that my current and future work will have a unique twist because of my passion for poetry. i cannot tell you how excited i am to be on this amazing journey.

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photo by my dear friend, sierra katrina photography at a beach engagement shoot.



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for bookings and more information, email me at:


for engagement / couples inquiries, PLEASE tell me all of the juicy details on how you met, your names, how you stumbled across me and anything else you think ii should know! also, feel free to send me a picture of you two!


i am so very excited to meet you and capture some fun and beautiful moments together!

with love,

rhiannon skye